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Kids Group Singing course

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Kids Group Singing course

Sing When Your Spirit Says Sing

Young folks sing and learn in a joyful music making environment! Children explore meaningful, simple melodies of folk music traditions from around the world. Our approach values singing, active music making, and musical discovery as children build an extraordinary foundation for musical literacy and further musical study in vocal or instrumental music. Through engaging singing games and music making, young voices train their ears and voices as they begin their path to fine musicianship. Learning to sing in tune and learning musical concepts through singing establishes deep musical understanding and confidence in a budding musician. With our teaching artists serving as exceptional vocal models, our Young Voices students learn solfege (do-re-mi…), melody, part singing, and harmony as they progress through the program. Classes are divided by age and unless otherwise noted, open to all.

For kids who love to sing, but may not be ready for private lessons, our Young Voices class is a great way to introduce 3-12 year-olds to healthy, relaxed singing!

Age Requirement: 3 years and above

Lesson duration:1 Hour

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