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Kids Piano Group Lesson

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Kids Piano Group Lesson

Our Kids Music Group Piano class is a fun and exciting introduction to playing music. In this class children will learn the basic concepts of music making through activities that engage their imaginations, tap into their creative capacities and challenge them to grow musically.

This class is taught in a small-group format with children of the same age, and is intended to encourage children to grow to love music and plant the seeds for future musical growth. Working alongside their peers, students in these classes are encouraged to sing, dance and play the keyboard, compose and play musical games to spark their ears and creativity. These activities help bring the abstract world of playing music to a place most children can understand.

We've found that children who begin studying at this early age have a significant advantage in coordination and musicianship over those who wait until later years.

Open to all children age 3 years and above.
Lesson duration:1 Hour
Students will learn:
  • Rhythm & Movement
  • Craft your own musical instruments
  • Notation & Value
  • Listening & Conducting
  • Music Appreciation
  • Piano Play Skills

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