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POCO Ying Ying Ng: Music Theory For Young Musicians - Grade 4 (Second Edition)

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POCO Ying Ying Ng: Music Theory For Young Musicians - Grade 4 (Second Edition)

The Music Theory For Young Musicians series covers all aspects of the AB theory syllabus for grades 1-5 with a colourful and imaginative set of books.

With one book per grade, assigning theory lessons for your students couldn't be easier. The books contain a step-by-step guide for each concept and then include general exercises for the evaluation and reinforcement of these concepts.

This progressive series with built-in revision element means you can measure your students' progress every step of the way to their exam.

Grade 4 Covers:

  • Alto clef
  • Time signatures (6/4, 9/4, 12/4, 6/16, 9/16, 12/16)
  • Breves, double dots and duplets
  • Four-bar rhythms
  • Double sharps and double flats
  • Major and minor scales (up to 5 sharps and flats)
  • Technical names of scale degrees
  • Triads and chords on l, lV and V
  • Intervals (major, perfect, minor, augmented, diminished)
  • The chromatic scale
  • Ornaments
  • Writing a rhythm to words
  • Instruments with illustrations
  • Performance directions (Grade 4)
  • General exercises (Grade 4)

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