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Scales And Arpeggios For Piano - Fingering Method Grade 8

Model: JSCALE8
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Scales And Arpeggios For Piano - Fingering Method Grade 8
Based on the ABRSM graded Piano practical examination syllabus and requirements.

Learn your scales and pass the exams! Students can now learn scales and arpeggios in the most enjoyable and effective way. J Koh’s Fingering Method for grades 6 to 8 continues to develop the learners’ technical skills in playing scales and arpeggios by using a combination of visual, auditory and tactile systems. It has been specially produced to assist preparation for the ABRSM graded Piano practical examinations.

No more frustrations with locating notes and fingerings on the keyboard! Based on key and chord structures, the various scale types are presented collectively. Simply follow the sequence in the book, guided by the notated finger patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you are on the way to dazzle with your scales and arpeggios.

Success assured! The method ensures that the sense of major and minor tonality is enforced, with one’s aural perception sharpened simultaneously. Practise with the recommended metronome speeds to achieve perfection and fluency. A relaxed hand and beautifully curved fingers will produce the best sounds and tone qualities.

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