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Source: Singapore Piano Shop & Music Book Online Shop   Published: 6/14/2020 12:15:06 AM   Clicked: 2596

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on worldwide, with government directives to allow workers to work-from-home and to avoid non-essential trips to shopping malls, this trend of online shopping among Singaporeans is likely to persist.
Even as early digitalisation investments are paying off, the current inability to fulfil delivery of online purchases suggests digitalisation effort by these businesses have only been focused at the customer-facing end.
While this is a good start, resourceful and more ambitious businesses should also look to leveraging digital technologies to transform their business and enhance supply chains to meet surges in demand.

Singapore Piano Shop encourage Singaporeans to purchase music books online
Customers have the option of picking up their purchases at physical branches at the appointed time, or delivery by Singapore Piano Shop at the specified time.

The coronavirus has cast a bigger shadow over luxury and durable goods, like clothing and furniture, compared to daily necessities. Music insturments like piano, violin belong to luxury goods, but they're also important tools for education.
Customers can consider purchasing a used piano, which is not too expensive and is also good for beginner to start piano learning. Singapore Piano Shop has many used pianos in stock, price ranging from S$1000++ which are listed on

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