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Learn Piano Online by Yourself

Source: Singapore Piano Shop & Music Book Online Shop   Published: 6/29/2018 9:03:50 PM   Clicked: 636

Piano Teacher Sindy Chu (Mobile +65- 8100 2896) has 10+ years experience in teaching piano and vocal in Singapore.

Most traditional piano / keyboard teachers tend to be a bit snobbish when it comes to the notion of students learning how to play piano / keyboard or any other musical instrument by themselves.

But in my opinion, teacher's role not so much as a piano / keyboard teacher but rather as a guide, and all teaching is ultimately self-teaching.

Having a good traditional teacher can be very helpful to beginner, however, you can do it with or without the involvement of a traditional piano / keyboard teacher after you master the basic knowledgement and skills.

Normally short easy beginners pieces will of course take less time to complete than longer more advanced pieces, so students’ expectations of how long it will take to master each piece will need to be modified as they progress through the course.

The time it takes to complete a level is perhaps a better yardstick by which to measure your rate of progress than the time it takes to learn an individual piece. But of course speed (as in, getting through the material quickly) is not the be-all and end-all.

And of course, students in the advanced levels, you must continue to slow down further and not panic if it seems likes it’s taking you a while to learn one piece. You are learning more than you may realize — subtle things like technique, phrasing and advanced coordination.

By slowing down and stopping to feel the notes occasionally, you will experience a greater depth of learning.

Remember — the slower you practice, the more and quicker you learn.

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