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Carefully selected hardly used pianos from Steinway,  Yamaha, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin,  Kawai,   Wm. Knabe, Boston, Baldwin, Ibach, Chickering, and more.
Anyone shopping for a piano today immediately faces a stark reality:  PIANOS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!  Realistically, how do you know to choose the right piano for your family and get a durable, reliable instrument?
The best answer is a low wear, quality built used piano because as everyone knows:    
New pianos today have cheaper materials, less quality and  workmanship  due  to  economic stresses  on manufacturers and the expense of good raw materials.  Even the premium piano makers have had to adjust to lesser materials because of scarcity of the quality materials, once plentiful, and easily found in the older used pianos! Sadly, it is no longer cost effective to purchase a new piano due to these factors.
So the best solution is a QUALITY USED PIANO that has been completely refurbished. Remember that a well built piano was made to last 75 to 100 years!
Because most piano shoppers are truly overwhelmed by the choices and high prices, the piano-shopping experience becomes a process where you feel vulnerable to the sales-oriented piano sales staff in stores.  First,  there are SO MANY brands on the market from USA, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, and other Baltic states, and more! How do you know if you are getting a good piano or even something that will last more than 2 years?
Most imports use wood that is not necessarily SEASONED for the U.S. climate and may fail prematurely due to our harsh climate and humidity extremes. Therefore, most imported pianos often have a life-span from as low as 2-3 years to 25-30 years.
Many American-made pianos have a life of 100 years due to domestic quality materials and construction.  If you notice, you rarely will see a used imported piano that is over 25 years old!  Only a well-made Japanese piano can last up to 65-80 years if humidity is properly controlled.  But,  most high quality used pianos of American manufacture are found up to 100-150 years old and still playing!
We encourage you to come in and see the quality and value of the huge selection restored of used pianos and COMPARE !!!
Used Piano Center
Not all pianos are created equal and many pianos that seem the same are not.  We can explain the differences and are here to help you select the best piano for your specific needs.

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