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Jack Bruce has ruled out another reunion

Source: Singapore Piano Shop Online   Published: 4/12/2010 12:30:06 AM   Clicked: 1895

Jack Bruce has ruled out another reunion

Former Cream bassist Jack Bruce has said there won’t be any more gigs with the supergroup.

Speaking about his newly published biography, Composing Himself, Jack said he has moved on from his time with the outfit, which rose to heights before splitting in 1968 – after just over 2 years together.

The book details the highs and lows of his career, which spans over 5 decades; looking back on life on the road, his family tragedies and battles with drug addiction.

It also concentrates heavily on life in Cream. Jack explained that when the group began, they wanted their sound to be ground-breaking

“I think we were trying to forge a new musical language using what we knew – and what we were beginning to find out about music – for example blues and jazz.”

Despite writing and singing a lot of their big hits, including Sunshine of Your Love and White Room, he never felt like the frontman: “I think in the studio I had a lot to do with the production; but in the live shows, whoever took the lead, took the lead and we all tried to keep up. It was very competitive as well.”

“There’s a new story now – Cream is over.”
Jack Bruce

While Jack admits that spirit of competition spilled over into arguments, he says it was never as bad as it was made out to be: “It’s become a myth and a legend. I think that with lots of rock bands that if you’re sitting in a van or on a plane, you kind of disagree a bit.”

He also said that tension from the early days was still evident during the reunion gigs of the last decade; “There was one argument where I mis-remembered the phrasing of one of the songs. Ginger said ‘You’ve got that wrong’, and I said ‘No I haven’t’.

But Jack says his approach to conflict was different this time round; “I thought about it and realised he was right and I apologised, so everything was alright.”

While the band last played together in 2005, when they reunited for a series of shows, Jack is adamant there won’t be any in the years to come. “There’s a new story now – Cream is over.”

Jack Bruce was pleased to reveal he has other plans on the horizon, although he was tight-lipped on the details.

“I’m doing something very exciting – so much so I can’t even talk about it. It’s the most exciting project I’ve ever been involved in.”

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