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Sharps and flats

Source: Singapore Piano Shop sell YAMAHA KAWAI piano   Published: 5/28/2010 9:10:46 PM   Clicked: 4659

We can raise and lower pitches by putting a sign in front of the note, or by putting sharps or flats in the key signature which appears at the beginning of each music staff.

A sharp raises a note by one-half step (the very next key to the right). The raised note may be a black key, or it may be a white key, but the sharp will be to the right of the original pitch. In this lesson all sharps will be on the black keys.

A flat lowers a note by one-half step (the very next key to the left). It may be a black or a white key, but in this lesson all flats will be black keys.

A natural restores the note to its original pitch without the sharp or flat.

Sharps, Flats, and Naturals


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